Motherboard Repair And Upgrade Service In Edinburgh

Motherboard Repair And Upgrade Service In Edinburgh

The motherboard is a core component of any desktop and laptop computer. Without it, there would be no PC or notebook system to operate!
While all motherboards get built to stringent standards, environmental factors like liquid spills and physical damage can cause them to stop working. At PC Repair Services, we offer a comprehensive computer motherboard repair service for desktop and laptop systems.

What Our Motherboard Repair Service Can Fix

Our motherboard repair service is perfect if you’re having trouble using your desktop computer due to booting or operational issues. We also provide a laptop motherboard repair service to fix common faults like overheating and display issues.

No Boot Issues

Have you turned your PC or laptop on, and nothing happens? Perhaps you’ve replaced the power supply or charging cable, but still, your system won’t switch on?

Maybe you hear a series of beeps instead of seeing your system boot into your OS? Our computer motherboard repair service can fix those no-boot issues and more.

No Display

A common problem with laptops is that they sometimes have no display, either on the screen or when connected to an external monitor.

The cause is often down to a faulty or desoldered GPU, requiring a motherboard micro-soldering repair. Our repair service can fix that, and also similar issues experienced on desktop computers.


Dirt, dust, and other debris can sometimes cause motherboards to operate inefficiently. In worst-case scenarios, PCs and laptops can shut themselves down due to overheating. Our team can repair all motherboards that experience overheating issues.

Consistent Software Crashes Or OS Freezing If you find that any software on your desktop or laptop keeps freezing or causing your system to crash, you might need a board-level repair. Our skilled technicians can repair motherboards that cause software crashes and OS instability.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your motherboard repair requirements and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote.