Device No Power Issue In Edinburgh

When you flip the switch, a lot more happens than meets the eye! The power supply in your computer is optimized for a single task. It takes the alternating current (AC) from your wall outlet and turns it into the direct current (DC) your computer needs to run. It also has precautions in place to prevent your computer’s performance from being adversely affected by either too little or too much electricity.</p><p>If your computer won’t switch on, smells like burning, or makes strange grinding noises, your power supply may be failing. This is not something to play with. Opening a power source might expose you to a dangerous electrical charge.

We’ll Do A Full System Analysis

A lot of elements may be at play. Your power supply may be good but your hardware is taxing it. It may be worn out. It’s possible the manufacturer used a low-cost, under-spec power supply. Whatever the reason, a precise diagnosis is the first step. We’ll be able to pinpoint the issue and advise you on future steps.

Replacing Your Power Supply

Above all, we’ll figure out what power supply you require. If your computer has particular hardware requirements, needs additional power for ventilation, or has unstable mains power, we’ll take all these variables into consideration to guarantee it’s powered properly.

If you believe you may have a PSU problem and need a repair, don’t attempt to fix it yourself! Visit us, email us, or give us a call using the following details, and a friendly member of the team will be happy to help. Location: 140 Parkhead Drive, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH11 4RX, Email: Contact Number: +447384740784 or 0131 605 0604