RAM Issue / Upgrade Service

RAM stands for Random Access Memory.  It’s the type of memory your computer uses when it needs to perform a task.  If a computer has RAM issues it will run slowly and possibly even freeze.  Fortunately, it’s usually quite straightforward to fix RAM issues.  A RAM upgrade is often all your computer needs.

Adding more RAM

If your PC is having RAM issues then check to see if your operating system is capable of supporting more RAM than you currently have.  If it is, then you can fix RAM issues by adding more RAM.

In principle, if you have extra slots for RAM, you can just put in some extra sticks of RAM.  In practice, however, this approach can create more problems than it solves.  It’s usually far better to remove any existing RAM and install a completely fresh set of RAM modules.

If your computer doesn’t have space for extra RAM you can still fix RAM issues.  You can remove the existing RAM sticks and replace them with higher-capacity ones.

Choosing the right RAM for your computer

Your operating system will determine how much RAM you can use.  Your motherboard will determine what type of RAM you need.  You should already know if you need PC RAM or laptop RAM (or server RAM).  You also need to know what specific DDR form factor your computer needs.

After this, other points you might like to note are speed (frequency), timing (latency) and whether or not you need RAM to support multi-channel memory.  It’s also advisable to stick with reputable brands of RAM.

Using a RAM upgrade service

If you want a simple way to fix RAM issues with a PC or laptop, then please get in touch.  Our RAM upgrade service can take care of everything for you.

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