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With information technology advancing at lightning speed and with our increased de­pendency on computing devices, there is never a good time for equipment malfunction, data loss, or security breaches. But with a trusted expert a phone call away, you’ll never have to worry about finding fast and affordable IT solutions! We are currently providing IT solutions to indi­viduals and businesses in the Edinburgh and surrounding areas, some of services available worldwide. Our technical team have 7 years of accumulated professional experience If you have a specific technology need-whether it is related to a single computer or an entire network – we will first conduct a diagnostic evaluation so then we can recom­mend an affordable solution. And just as importantly, we will offer mea­sures to prevent future system failures. This includes an ongoing maintenance schedule with regular tune-ups and automatic backups. If you are interested in taking advantage of our technology solutions, please call us at +447384740784 or e-mail at support@pc-repair.services (click on the link to mail us). We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can schedule a convenient time to discuss your IT needs and how we can fulfil them!

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